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Retreat Time

The last 7 years I had been able to participate in the annual retreat seminars of the World Teacher Trust (WTT) in India, under the direction of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, my spiritual teacher. And in two days, I will “jump” again across the continents via Dubai and Hyderabad to the city of Visakhapatnam, at the Gulf of Bengal.

I very much love the cordial and inspiring atmosphere of these meetings in the retreat centre of the WTT. A group af about 40 people is normally coming from different parts of the Western world to enjoy the meditations and the deep and brilliant talks of Dr. Kumar on the teachings of eternal wisdom, full of humour and profound knowledge. And we have also been doing excursions into the surroundings to WTT projects like the Planetary Healing Centre:


Most of the participants come there every year, so that it is really a friends’ meeting. The climax of the retreats is always the participation in the Guru Pooja celebrations in Simhachalam, a village with a very old temple compound in the surroundings of Visakhapatnam. These celebrations are done in honour of Spiritual Hierarchy, and about 3-4000 members of the Indian WTT brotherhood are coming for these meetings. Here is a picture of a fire ritual 4 years ago:

This year however will be quite different, since our teacher had to undergo a surgery 2 weeks ago. Since he is in the process of recovering, he won’t be able to conduct the seminar. The group is nevertheless meeting there and besides the celebration we are going for a little tour, which has been organised by our Indian friends. So there might be no blog entries before the end of the month – unless I find time to write some thoughts from an internet cafĂ©…

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