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Preparing the Soil

We yesterday returned from a one week stay at my natal family in Germany. Three days ago my father, who had just read the new issue of the Lunar Messenger, said to me: “My mother would have said: ‘Just words’. I don’t really understand what this is about.”
I told him, “When you read a journal for specialists, like this technical journal, you also might not understand it.” Nevertheless he wants to continue reading the Lunar Messenger.

We can accept and understand what is compatible with our comprehension. It is my experience with the wisdom teachings that subtle aspects sometimes reveal their deeper dimensions only after long times of pondering, after years of spiritual practice. Many who are reading these teachings just remain casual readers – interested, but not working with them. The teachings remain abstract and theoretical, when you don’t work to integrate the basics into your life. Intuitively we might reject them, not because there is something wrong with them, but because the soil in us is not ready to receive.

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