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The Sun-Earth Connection

Today is winter equinox day in the northern hemisphere, where the sun starts its northern journey again and the days will become longer. I just came today across an interesting educational website of NASA about Sun-Earth connection, where you find a beautiful Sun-Earth viewer, with visualisations.

On the site there is an area about Ancient Observatories – Timeless Knowledge, with image galleries to places of sun-worship, where you can zoom through the “House of the Magician” in Yukatan or see pictures of pyramids, Easter islands or Machu Picchu, Peru.

In spirituality the sun is seen as the central giver of Life and Light, but is only working like a mirror reflecting the energies of the central spiritual sun – like the physical body of man is the outer vehicle of the soul and the spirit. The month of Capricorn in the year is particularly suited for spiritual practice. It is the annual time of the dawn. See also the Lunar Messenger on “The Secret of the Dawn“(PDF) or send an e-card with the beautiful picture of a dawn in Mongolia (Click on the picture to send it as an e-card:

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