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A Good Sense of Humour

I yesterday read an interview with Jean-Daniel Gerber, director of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs in the “NZZ Executive“, which made me heartily laught. Mr. Gerber has a beautiful sense of humour.

Q: Which formation would you make up for if you could? A: Astrology, to give a scientific basis for the economic prognostics.

Q: How many e-mails are you answering per week? A: About 53.4. And in a good mood 2 more.

Q: From which failure did you learn most? A: When I once applied for the role of the donkey in a nativity play and was rejected as unqualified.

Q: Your favorite film? A: Kodak.

And he also shows a good sense of right values in life:

Q: As a citizen, what bothers you most? A: That politics is given priority to expertise.

Q: What is your professional example? A: Jimmy Carter, who after his failed presidentship reached the real height of his career with the Carter Institute for Human Rights.

Q: Which qualities with you collegues do you estimate most? A: When they prevent me from my own stupidity.

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