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Strife and Discord in the Heavenly Spheres

With the astronomical degradation of Pluto to a dwarf planet (see our post), he has also lost his name and is now classified as 134340 Pluto since September 13th. Many researchers are not willing to accept this degradation. In this context it is very typical that the newly discovered dwarf planet who caused the new classification of astronomical objects and thus of Pluto is now called Eris, in Greek the goddess of strife and discord. She is accompanied by a moon now called Dysnomia, meaning lawlessness.
What an upheaval in the heavenly spheres – may it not reflect to much unto us humans 😉 Or is it a sign of our times, which are called in the East the dark age of lawlessness, Kali Yuga, where rightfulness is at its lowest point?

If you would like to see a picture of the Transneptunian planets, please click here (and click on the photo for further enlargement).

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