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Art – Intellectualism vs. Inspired Creativity

Yesterday after a swim in the river Aare I had a short look at the art exposition in the park of Villa Mettlen, a beautiful old villa here, where the music school is located (and where my kids are having lessons) and where every three years there is an art exhibition. Last time I was fascinated by some sculptures of Maja Thommen, a Swiss artist living in Italy. Via e-mail we came into contact and one evening, when she was in Berne, she came for a visit with an interesting exchange about art and spirituality. Many of her artworks show a spiritual dimension.
When I went around in the park of Villa Mettlen I was again amused of the banality of a number of pieces exhibited. Rust and oxidation seem to be the favorite elements of the artists, and some show raw or even brute artefacts. Some demonstrated a good handicraft work, others seemed to me like intellectual concepts solidified – dry uninspired, repetitions of much seen forms.
The intellectual plane doesn’t have a connection with the plane of intuition, from where original creativity stems. Although several objects showed interesting plays of forms, only very little did appeal to me through an expression of beauty.
Beauty is a reflection of the sublime planes of the spirit into matter, radiating, and of clear, shining colours, sometimes going into transparent states. In materialistic forms grey and dark, dull colours prevail. Several objects in the expositions expressed suffering and being bound to matter – a real reflection of the dark and heavy sides of our age – “modern” art.
Luckily there is a synchronizity of states, and more lightful expressions of creativity do exist as well.

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