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Traffic and Overcoming Habit Nature

Yesterday evening, after work: I was driving with my motorbicycle back home from work during rush hour. There was a jam at a roundabout, and so I took a way which I sometimes take along tennis-courts on the side of a forest, which is free for pedestrians, bicycles and moterbicycles.
Half way through a man with a bicycle with a children’sĀ cart with two children in it coming from the other direction stopped me and said: “Don’t you want to take the road?”. I replied: “This way is free for motorbicycles.” – Yes I know, but here is a forest and I would prefer for my children and me that there is no motor traffic here, in this forest air. Don’t you want to take the road?” I said: “No, I would prefer going on” and drove away. I felt irritated and started reflecting on the encounter. I had to agree that the man was right and that my insisting on the right to go through that way was mainly because of the feeling that I didn’t like being approached like this and out of a feeling of being right.
Being fixed in my conviction, I could not react to the concern of this courageous father.
Though this small way is a shortage when coming in the morning, for returning home I could just as well take the road, though a traffic light might sometimes stop me.
So I decided to change my habit and take the road in future.
Surprising encounters bring you messages to reflect upon.

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