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Increasing Speed of Time as a Meta-Trend

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a friend in Minnesota, US:
“Good Morning dear friend. I have just read your blog for this morning. For a couple of weeks, I have been noticing the things you’ve touched on in your blog post – maybe in a more particular way even. Wherever I look right now, it seems that people are striving to make profound changes in their lives. It seems to be “the right time” for sweeping transformations. I think there is not one person in my circle of friends who does not undergo changes of some sort in their lives. From breaking up relationships, to new jobs, to relocations, or making decisions of far-reaching consequences… a whole series of processes seems to be taking place. Never in my life – not that I consciously remember – have I witnessed such a tremendous shift. It seems to me that people consciously choose to make changes toward a freer life. The basis for their striving seems to be a desire for integrity and creative expression. I’m seeing people being more confident, having a very positive and joyful outlook on the future. The energy feel very profound to me, filled with hope and trust; a very fundamental energetic change altogether.
My question to you is: is this a result of the planetary constellations? Or does it have to do with the series of significant full moons we are currently having? Or maybe both? Or am I maybe imagining it all? “

When you observe events in your life, you see that on the one hand there are cyclical movements of ebb and flow, and these pulsations of life can be observed in smaller or greater systems. One is the inbreath and outbreath of the annual cycle, marked by the rhythm of the solstices and equinoxes. In the ascending arc from winter to summer solstice the time from spring equinox to summer solstice, through Aries, Taurus and Gemini, is often marked by the springing up of new vistas of ideas, expressing in changing one’s situations, or “getting changed” by the trend of things.
Since the time of my starting regular meditation just now 32 years ago, and especially since the early 80ies I have been observing cyclical rhythms, by observing life experiences and by using instruments of spiritual astrology symbolisms, which have found an expression in the Letters on Spiritual Astrology. When you observe from outside-in and ponder on it from inside out, you are developing an understanding of life phenomena in terms of energy and principle qualities, getting to a more synthetic (not simplified) view of time movements. I do not want to speculate about the complex reasons involved in the changes in your environment. As a meta-trend however, I observe in general a speeding up of individual life situations, in individuals, groups and in greater systems. When you get sensitive to changes, being exposed to them, you tend to see them more in your environment. The general speed of our age is increasing by what the wisdom teachings call the energies of synthesis expressing on our planetary life, and the quality of the time, called the Aquarian age. This is particularly seizing people exposing themselves consciously to these energies through their inner attunement to the soul. Maybe this gives some hints to a deeper understanding.

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