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Biographical Stories and the Search of the Soul

I yesterday got an e-mail from a young woman fom the French speaking part of Switzerland, who had visited us last year. The contact came via the Good-Will website and was motivated by her spiritual search. She now wrote that, after some turbulent months, she is just about to leave Switzerland, direction Sahara and Ocean, to live together with “her prince”, whom she had met a short while ago.
The lines gave me a lot to think, of my own coming to Switzerland 20 years ago, following the call of love… Of another e-mail arriving yesterday from a friend, who had gone to the States some years ago and is just leaving her friend’s house to get out of the relation… Of the news in the media the last days of the many African people crossing the ocean in tiny boats towards Teneriffa or Italy, in search of a better life in Europe… Of the many dramatic stories I had come across during the 90ies, when I was head of a psychosocial counseling centre for refugees and migrants…
The search for a better life and living is such a strong motivating force, expressing in so many biographical stories – of love, dreams, hopes. The underlying force is not just that of woman and man, it is part of the essence of man. In the more subtle way it is the expression of the search of the personality toward the soul, depicted in many fairy tales as the search of the prince (the soul) for the lost princess (the personality lost in material life).
The symbol of the young lady who is about to follow her prince is the rainbow. May the many coloured bridge lead her to the true goal of her dreams.

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