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Yoga Asanas and the Visit of a Child

My wife and I are doing regularly yoga asanas – me in the morning (now before blogging ;- )) and she in the evening. I like them very much, they soften the body in a smooth way. I’m just doing a short series, but feel the effect strongly. Professionnally and in the free time I am sitting a lot in front of the computer and so there is not much movement. For my wife they have also helped with several health problems.
Asanas are not sport, but an age-old subtle technique to make the body soft and to increase the energy flow, thus being an important prerequisite on the spiritual path. There are lots of methods, and many use them as a means by itself. We use them as a good preparation. Sport is often oriented to performance, achievement and competition. Yoga asanas however are for developing the body as a vehicle of the soul.
My wife is also giving yoga courses in a near-by church community chentre, one for women and a mixt group of youngsters and adults. She is doing it on a voluntary basis, for the joy of doing it and to to help the people.
Yesterday a member of the women’s group came to the other group with her 4 year old boy. He was bent on seeing what his mom was doing with yoga. Even at home he showed a great interest in these exercises. My wife told me that it was great to see how this little man very naturally participated with full attention in what the group was doing, practicing all the exercises with an astonishing flexibility of the body. The youngsters were much more stiff.
He was the group’s darling. What could be the result for healthy bodies, if here children were to learn the yoga asanas already from an early age!

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