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Vaisakh Full Moon Festival

Today we are entering the full moon phase of Taurus full moon. Since ancient times this day is celebrated in the East, and also today with many groups in the West, as Vaisakh (or Wesak) Full moon. On this full moon day about 2500 years ago Gautama, the Buddha, was born, and also on Vaisakh full moon he gained enlightenment.
However, it is not just since these times that the Vaisakh festival is celebrated. The name of the festival related to one of the 27 constellations of the Eastern lunar zodiac, the Visakha constellation in Scorpio. The moon is in this constellation around Taurus full moon, when the sun is in Taurus, thus giving the name for the festival.
Like many groups we will be celebrating this date tonight with a full moon meditation. The nodal points of the monthly lunar cycle are of great importance to be able to gain more easily access to subtle planes of consciousness, especially the full moon and the new moon, as explained in the lecture by Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya. For this full moon I have chosen as a topic of the “Lunar Messenger” “The Buddhic Plane“, hinting at another deep relation with the full moon of Taurus and the name of the Buddha. Some months a go a friend had send me a beautiful picture of a Buddha statue in Bhutan, which I used as the Picture of the Month and add it to the monthly newsletter.
Since four years I am chosing each month a picture related to the qualities of the zodiacal sign of the month. For this month the commentary says: “Golden-yellow is the color of the Buddhic plane, the supra-mental, the light of wisdom. Buddha is seen as the embodiment of wisdom, and statues that depict him are often golden. Contemplation upon this helps the observer to move beyond the boundaries of the mental and to move into the higher light.”

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