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Spiritual Education

We yesterday had our monthly Mithila-meeting with our youngsters and those of a close friend (age 13 – 17). To impart our children a spiritual education is very important to us. Since neither the education system nor the churches are doing this, we started some years ago with regular sunday morning meetings with our children and to speak about spiritual topics, inspired by the book “Mithila – A New Age School Syllabus” of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar. We do a short meditation, speak about basics of spiritual life, or some experience-related topics. We have also read some books together, such as Jonathan Livingston Seagull, or now a renarration of the Ramayana.
Though the youngsters are still participating with interest, it is not easy to cope with the strong currents coming from the society in which they are growing up. They are intend not to be regarded as “strange” by their comrades, and they lead a very normal life. They won’t follow our footsteps in their lives, but we feel they have the strength to follow their own paths into a good direction.
Friends of us are running a website called “Jugendforum Mithila“. It is a good impulse of giving children access to spiritual values via the web.
We observe with our children and their collegues, that again new qualities are ripening in them. They will unfold with time and start shaping the next generation’s wave.

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