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Convergence of Souls

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a friend telling me that he will lose his job in some months. He is a professor of psychology at a university in the south-west of the United States and had moved there last autumn from another university in the north-east. He already had told me before that the situation was difficult, since part of the collegues, who hadn’t favored his employment had intensely been mobbing against him.
We first had met each other through a contact via the web 2.5 years ago, later we had shared a room at a seminar of our spiritual teacher in India and again met at three occasions in Europe. From the beginning there was a feeling of a deep connection, for we had been walking a very similar spiritual path over many years. It was a feeling of meeting a brother. It is more profound than physical relatives. Spiritual brotherhood comes out of a similarity of inner alignment to the soul, a striving towards the same pole, a convergence of ideas.
This convergence keeps souls together, to my belief and according to the wisdom teachings over lives. It is deeper than superficial emotional or mental affinities. I have experienced that there exist groups of people following the same quality of attunement, sharing similar attitudes towards the inner purpose. The people with whom I experience this kind of connection are physically dispersed over the globe. With the web it is more easy to keep in contact or even co-operate in a project.
My American brother has a lot of skills and resources. I am sure that, though he is no longer the youngest that he will find a good way out of this professional crisis, bringing him to a new field of experience.

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