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Inner Road Works

The last weeks when I am going to work I come across a series of road works. Shovel excavators are digging up the roads. Even in a park next to my office all the paths are are closed and are being redone.
What about the inner roads? It seems that there is also need for some repair work from time to time. I feel that I am getting sometimes into habits, which, though subtle, need a repair. When there is too much “business” in the mind, the mindfulness for what is essential and what is just a side-road. The last days my wife and I had observed with some friend, who seems to have a so-called heavy load to carry with her family and social situation. However, with a closer look the situation seems to be self-chosen, and there is no will to do repair work with the roads. The wisdom teachings tell us, that from a larger perspective encompassing the soul’s experience over many incarnations all our life situations are self-chosen. I have come across a lot of people who prefer staying in a situation which for me seemed to be unbearable. But at a closer look a change in the style of living appears to cause more fear for them than to remain stuck in their situation.
Let some road repair work go on from time to time

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