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Space Photos: A Modern Proof of an old Epic?

Yesterday a friend from Argentina sent me a link to a yahoo posting showing satellite photos of a partly submerged land-bridge between India and Sri Lanka. A modern proof of an old story?
The great epic Ramayana tells a story the time of which the wisdom teaching locate at the transition time between the Atlantean and the post-Atlantean race, i.e. nearly a million years ago, though modern writers give it a much shorter past or totally doubt the historic autheticity.
A major sequence of the epic tells the story of building a bridge over the ocean between India and Lanka by a group of Vanaras and other mythological beings. From the wisdom teachings I know that the mythological ape-shaped figures of the Vanaras are forms of high beings who, not conditioned by forms, decided to live in these seemingly animal bodies. There are many details in the Ramayana which a so-called scientific thinking would never except as authentic. But maybe there are more research results ahead like those of the satellite photos proving the historic truth of seeming mythologies.
For the symboligy of bridges see also my posting on Building Brigdes.

The noble and straightforward main character of the epic, Sri Rama, is a great example of a man following the path of moral law through all the vicissitudes of life. It has deeply impregnated Eastern thought – but who of our Westerners has ever gone into it? About three weeks ago I finished reading a detailed renarration of the epic, which was fascinating to me, and I have also read with my children a modern Indian comic strips retelling the story. Though they are not much interested in stories, they were enthousiastic about the “action story”, which can easily keep up with modern superman-stories.

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