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Transforming Evil

Two days ago I got an e-mail from a Canadian friend with a link to an article on an American website called “Death made in America”, with photos of freak embryos allegedly caused by the Americans using uranium weapons in Afghanistan, where an author said he writes he took them during a journey to Afghanistan from Pakistan.
I don’t put a link to that site, for it is not my intention to increase sensational agitation or get into the trap of political propaganda. Some time ago I had seem fake pictures which were circling in European muslim communities about an alleged transformation of a girl into a freak because of her refusal to follow the Quran.
Images can be used and misused. The images of the freak creatures create a sensation of a terrible horror, of unbelievable depths of individuals or groups fighting against people with other beliefs. The wisdom teachings say that here not humans are at work, but demons incarnated in human bodies. This makes sense to me, for a human, humanitarian attitude can never accept causing such deep hurts to others.
There is an intense fight going on on earth between the different ideologies, often fighting in the name of God. It is an increadibly strong glamour, holding in sway millions of people. The wisdom teachings say we are living in the dark age, in certain strata and cycles of consciousness evolution. 12 years ago I translated a book by Dr. E. Krishnamacharya, Man Sacrifice, the German version of it will be published end of this month. In this book events of a time 5000 years ago are reported, which are also mentioned in the ancient Indian Puranas, about the beginning of the dark age, and that freak creatures because of living against the cosmic laws are described. At the same time you see there how to keep inwardly aligned to the divine in spite of all horrors. Not by closing one’s eyes, but by seeing the deeper causes and by attuning to the divine you can transform the evil, at least the one in yourself.

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