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Living Water

The morning air is smelling the spring rain, which has soaked the soil and brought fresh life to the plants. The leaves are mirroring the lights. Water is not just H²O, as scientist want to make us believe, it is a wonder of nature with many qualities.
Yesterday a friend from Canada sent me a link to a website “Microwaved Water and Plants”, demonstrating impressively how through microwave treatment the subtle structures of water lose their life-giving qualities. The beautiful website about the World of Water gives deeper insights into the fascinating work of the reknown scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto on water crystals, showing the multitude of structural information expressing through water.
Some years ago we had published a number of Good Will in Action about Food and Drink, explaining the importance of the use of pure water for purifying also our subtle bodies. Not to forget the tremendous need for drinking water in many areas of our planet.
May a more intelligent and caring behaviour towards this precious source of life slowly develop.

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