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Thermal Lift

Yesterday we went to a little airport in the north-west of Berlin. The son of our friends is an enthusiastic glider pilot and spends his entire free time there at the glider club. The bumpy road to the airport once served as a runway for Russian warplanes. On both sides of the road there were grass-covered shelters where at communist times the aircrafts were stationed. Three glider clubs had bought the huge site in the 90ies and now do their starts on a long grass runway.
At the morning meeting of the club members we were presented as the guests from abroad and listened for the instructions for the day. Then we went over to the new hangar, where about two dozens of gliders and a few small motor aircrafts were standing closely side by side. We rolled our two-seater out of the hall and pushed it over to the runway. It took some time until all the gliders were out and the old truck with the hoist was placed at the other end of the runway.
The starts began: Within 1, 2 seconds the gliders were in the air, and after a few seconds they reached already the hight of about 500 meters, from where the cable dropped down and the glider started its way through the air.
After the starts of my sons it was my turn. With a parachute on the back and some instructions how ot get out in case of an emergency we took off. I was pressed into my seat while we shooted up like a rocket, only to shift over into the horizontal after a few more seconds. I still had frayed nerves, when we got into a thermal lift and circled upwards.
It was fascinating to experience how through the use of the upward currents we were climbing up instead of falling down. It is like the energies of the kundalini ascending the vertical tube subtle inner side of the spinal column, lifting the consciousness up into the spaces of higher realms, when you get, through spiritual disciplines, into a “thermal lift” after due preparations.

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