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Crossing Borders

In a few hours we will be going for a week to Berlin. Many times I have been crossing the border from Switzerland to Germany. Each time I notice this strange change of qualities characterizing the national entities, this being so also when crossing other borders.
I know that some call it the national spirits, others say it is just an imagination or so-called cultural differences. For me it is a change of energy patterns, which I inwardly sense. They are also changing in smaller regional or geographical localities, towns or cities, but the change is more obvious when coming from one country into another. People seem to be entirely enveloped by their “own” areal qualities and often develop likes and dislikes towards other ones. National entities are controlling their own areas of influence, their cell membranes, to ward off unwanted elements…
It is a fascinating play of energies, though not so easy to locate. I wonder what kind of experiences we are coming across on this journey. It is also always a crossing of inner borders to other fields of experience.

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