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Transitions – not Ends

Yesterday I got a mail from a friend from Berlin, who told me that the mother of a common friend of us just had died. The three of us had come into a deeper contact during seminars of our spiritual teacher in India, and both friends are stewardesses of Lufthansa. Our common friend had been taken a lot of time going from Berlin to Kiel in North Germany to accompany her mother during the last phases of her illness, having had an intense relation with her.
It reminded me of the pass-over of my mother eight months ago and how my father, a believing Christian, but at the same time with a materialistic outlook, was moved experiencing that suddenly there was just a body where before his beloved wife, my mother, had been, and since then he started establishing an inner contact with her. For me, though knowing from out of the depth of my being that we as souls are immortal, nevertheless was deeply touched by the experience of the passing-over.
Another friend of mine told me two days ago about the work her group is doing in sensibilizing personalities in public positions about the unhygenic tradition of burying dead bodies into the earth instead of cremating. Milliards of bodies are thus rotting in the soil, creating poisonous effects. And also milliards of people, in this age called by the wisdom teachings the dark age, are living in the belief that these dead bodies have to remain in the ground to be awakened one day for ressurrections – what a deep illusion about the nature of man’s soul.
For many the soul doesn’t exist, they believe in the Darwinian evolution of matter and the survival of the fittest human apes, a belief stemming from a similar ignorance, just like believing that the pixels on the screen of my computer are fighting in a survival of the fittest to form the sentences – ignoring that there is a consciousness forming the shapes and also having created the facilities for their manifestation – many different expressions of consciousness. In consciousness, there are grades and transitions, from gross to subtle, but not endings.
A very beautiful expression of this are the sublime photos I yesterday saw on the website of Missoury Skies, of rainbows, the expression of the bond between the gross and the subtle worlds.

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