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Understanding and Experience

Yesterday evening, after having just finished the new “Lunar Messenger” for the month of Taurus, about the buddhic plane, and my wife having proof-read it, I asked her:
– “How was it?”
– “Do you want to hear a praise?”
– “No, after all the content isn’t mine.” (It is from the wisdom teachings, and mainly from transcriptions of seminars by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar)
– “Well, after having read all, I must say that I still don’t really understand what is the Buddhi plane.”
Yes, that’s it, you cannot mentally understand the buddhic plane. It is the supra-mental, as Sri Aurobindo calls it, and so the mental cannot grasp it. We just can open up for the experience.
– “However you can align to you soul, to the master consciousness, and then there is the experience.”

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